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CoRT 1 Breadth Thinking …

Thinking Tools to Help Strengthen Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Communication Skills



"...CoRT is straightforward, ingenious, and quite easy to apply." --David Perkins, Ph.D

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There are 10 quick thinking tools. Let's take a look:


CoRT poster - Breadth Thinking Tools

Learn to become an excellent lifelong thinker.

Think of a person setting out to learn to be a carpenter. Each carpenter's tool is designed to carry out a specific function. The carpenter learns when and how to use each of the tools one-by-one. A lot of practice is required to become a skilled carpenter. Learning to become a skilled thinker is the same approach: to make the basic operations of thinking second nature so that they are carried out automatically, smoothly, and without fuss or effort.


Key Points:
  • Think using one thinking tool at a time.
  • There is no one right order to these thinking tools.
  • Use the thinking tools that make sense for your thinking challenge.
  • The tools emphasize thinking as a deliberate act rather than a reactive one.
  • The tools are designed to be used objectively with an open mind--to broaden perception instead of defending a particular view.

You should know more about and have a broader view of each thinking situation after applying any of these tools than you had before you started. You should be more complete in your thinking.



Everything You Need to Start a Thinking Program for Your Educators, Administrators, and Students


80850--CoRT Thinking Lessons--CoRT 1 Breadth Thinking Tools: The Complete Learning, Planning, and Teaching Guide for Teachers, Administrators, and Home Schoolers, Edward de Bono, 198 pages. Click here to read the contents and introduction section PDF. Buy Now

80851 Student Notes CoRT 1 Breadth Thinking Tools: Easy to Follow Learning Guide for Students Aged 8-Adult, Edward de Bono, 20 pages. Buy Now

80852 PowerPoint Presentation CoRT 1 Breadth Thinking Tools: Designed for busy faculty members, and professional development consultants, this presentation can be used right away. Buy Now

80853 A Thinker's Journal CoRT 1 Note Paper The Personal Assistant to Support Excellent Thinking. Buy Now

80803 CoRT 1 Breadth Thinking Tools Pocket/Wallet Cards--a handy lifelong reference tool. Buy Now

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CoRT Thinking

  1. Makes a great professional development event for faculty, administrators, and board members. It helps to start at the top with education thought leaders. Check out our public events schedule.
  2. Challenges “gifted” students and strengthen “remedial” students.
  3. Equips students with practical tools to become excellent lifelong thinkers--creative, constructive, critical, and productive.
  4. Helps students learn to think things through before acting.
  5. Enables schools to infuse the teaching of thinking across all age and ability levels.
  6. Helps develop specific thinking skills to improve performance in all subject areas.
  7. Helps to improve yearly assessment scores.
  8. Provides structured discussion tools for group work.
  9. Strengthens MBA student performance.
  10. Is perfect for administrators, faculty, and board members needing to resolve challenging issues in new ways with tight budgets.


Thinking Tools